Child Support

When Child Intervention is providing services to your family, as a parent or guardian you have the right to:

  • be part of your child’s planning
  • question any decisions you do not agree with
  • ask for an administrative review if you do not agree with a decision and want to resolve the dispute
  • get advice from a lawyer about your involvement with Child Intervention 

At Rothecker Law Firm, we can assist you with:  

  • Creating a parenting plan
  • Helping your kids cope
  • Protecting your children
  • Providing information for grandparents
  • Parenting arrangements after separation or divorce:
  •   Represent Parents facing child protection proceedings
  •  Allegations of Child Exposure to Domestic Violence
  •  Child Abandonment
  •   Parents with Substance Abuse Issues (Drug or Alcohol Addiction)
  • Child Neglect Based on Mental Illness of Parent
  • Sexual Abuse Allegations
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