Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program or PNP is for workers who have the skill set needed by a specific province.  Each province is different and has a different selection process. In Alberta we have helped thousands of qualified workers with their immigration.  

How do I apply?

Each PNP is different and has a different application process.  

Steps to follow with the paper-based process:

  1. Apply to the province under a non-express entry stream
  2. Eligibility met of the specific province
  3. Submission correctly completed and sent to immigration, refugees, and Citizenship Canada
  4. Medical exam
  5. Police check

Steps to follow with the Express Entry Process:

  1. Contact the province and apply for an Express Entry Stream nomination
  2. Create an express entry profile after being nominated
  3. Meet eligibility requirements of the province or territory
  4. Demonstrate that you meet the minimum criteria for Express Entry
  5. Submit an electronic application through the IRCC

The PNP is another highly successful way to obtain a job in Canada.  It is specific to certain jobs, and workers who are qualified will have a good chance at entry. 

Contact one of our immigration consultants to find out which careers are eligible and where there are possible job openings. 

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